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Vegas Display, Inc. Rental Display Terms and Conditions


Orders must be paid in full to reserve the equipment and labor. Checks will not be accepted within 14 days of the set up date. A valid credit card (with an expiration date that exceeds the end of the event breakdown date) is required as a security deposit for all rental equipment and services.

Rental Duration:
The rental is for one event, not to exceed a total of seven days.

Equipment Sizes: Published equipment sizes and descriptions are approximate. To complete an order, Vegas Display reserves the right to substitute for a similar item.

Set Up and Break Down: Rental includes set up and break down labor. Displays are set up on a first come first serve basis and subject to Vegas Display production schedules.

Delivery: When possible,Vegas Display will deliver the rental equipment directly to the exhibit hall, hotel or event location loading dock at no charge. Based on production schedules,size of the event, amount of equipment rented, loading dock size, show rulesand other variables, display equipment may need to be sent to the General Service Contractor’s (GSC) Advanced Warehouse or show site Marshalling Yard and an extra delivery fee may apply.Fees for these services are billed at $75 per hour.

Material Handling:Material Handling/Drayage is the fee charged by the GSC/Teamsters Union to deliver your exhibit material from your booth, store empty containers and return the equipment to the loading dock after the show. Rates vary by trade show and based on weight. The exhibitor is required to have a credit card on file with the event’s GSC for material handling fees. Failure to have a credit card on file with the GSC may result in the rental display not being delivered to your booth and thus not being set up on time.

Exhibitor Responsibilities: The Exhibitor acknowledges that all information on the Rental Order is accurate, including: exhibit hall, booth number, set up and break down dates and times. Any changes must be made in writing at least 24 hours prior to the set up time. Exhibitors are responsible for the advance order of carpet, electrical service or any other show service required prior to Vegas Display setting up the rental equipment. These items must be ordered at least 10 days prior to the set up date. A $95 per man hour waiting fee will be added to the rental order if Vegas Display labor is delayed. If the event ends early, Vegas Display must be notified immediately.The Exhibitor is responsible for all shipping arrangements for their property.

 Display Design Changes: Display designs adhere to strict structural criteria. Display walls cannot be altered from the original agreed design unless approved by Vegas Display. Any on-site design changes are solely at the discretion of Vegas Display. Any on-site display design changes will be charged additional labor fees, regardless of whether the display has or has not yet been set up. The exhibitor must NOT alter or move the display after installation, as the display equipment could collapse and causedamage to property, products or personal injury. 

Additional Labor Fees: The rental price includes labor for one set up and one break down service call. Any additional service calls or labor will be billed at a rate of $95 ST/$150 OT per man hour, with a one-hour minimum. If Vegas Display must return to the event facility, a $75 service call fee will also apply.

On-Site Orders: Equipment ordered within 24 hours of the show or on-site will be billed at 2X the published rate plus a $75 delivery fee if required.

Insurance: TheExhibitor is required to carry liability insurance and is responsible for any damage to the display equipment, products or people while it is in the possession of the exhibitor.

Exhibitor Signs and Products: Exhibitors mayattach signs or products to the display, but the Exhibitor is responsible for any cleaning fees or damages to equipment resulting from tape residue or any other damages to the equipment. Cleaning fees are billed at $95 per hour with a one-hour minimum. Equipment that cannot be cleaned or repaired will be billed the replacement cost.

On-Site Resolutions:
The Exhibitor authorizes Vegas Display to resolve all on-site issues regarding the completion and set-up and breakdown of the rental equipment, including carpet, electrical service, material handling or other services which the Exhibitor failed to order in advance. If the Exhibitor does not have a credit card on file with the General Service Contractor, Vegas Display, at their discretion, may initiate and pay for the required services. The full amount billed to Vegas Display, plus an additional $250 inconvenience service fee, is the responsibility of the Exhibitor and will be billed to the Exhibitor’s credit card on file.

Damages:Vegas Display is not responsible for any Exhibitor property before, during or after the event. The Exhibitor is responsible for Vegas Display equipment from set up until break down and is responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged equipment.

Cancellations: Rental equipment cancelled up to 14 days prior to scheduled set-up date will receive a 50% refund. No refunds or credit for cancellations within 14 days of install date, or thereafter. If equipment is to be removed after it has been set up, a $75 removal fee applies.



Minimum Rental Order:
Minimum order is $500.

Payment: Orders must be paid in full to reserve the equipment and labor. We accept checks, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. Checks will not be accepted within 14 days of the ship date and requires a credit card as a security deposit.

Security Deposit: A valid credit card (with an expiration date that exceeds30 days from the scheduled return date) is required as a security deposit for all rental equipment. The Exhibitor is responsible for any Vegas Display equipment that is lost, stolen or damaged between the pickup and return.

Rental Duration: Total rental time may not exceed 21 days, including shipping. If all equipment is not returned within 21 days, 5% percent of the total rental fee will be charged per day and applied to the credit card on file.

Shipping: Orders will be shipped using the client’s preferred shipper. Display must be picked up and returned to the Vegas Display warehouse Monday – Friday between 10am and 4pm. The display will only be shipped to the client’s address or to the General Service Contractors Advanced Warehouse. Orders will not be shipped directly to a convention center, hotel or event site.

Show Information: The Exhibitor acknowledges that all information on the Rental Order is accurate, including: exhibit hall, booth number, set up and break down dates and times. Vegas Display is not responsible for the information provided by the client.

Material Handling: Client is responsible for all Material Handling fees.

Labor:The client is responsible to break down the display, properly pack and tape/seal containers, shrink-wrap and place Bill of Lading for the return shipment to Vegas Display warehouse in Las Vegas.

Cancellations: Rental equipment cancelled prior to the display being shipped will receive a 50% refund. There are no refunds if display has been shipped.



  • “Good service and it made setup and breakdown a breeze”

    DMI Sports |Billiards Congress of America
  • “A great experience working with Vegas Display and I would recommend them to all!”

    HPC Global |Promotional Products Association International
  • “It’s always a pleasure working with Vegas Display. The display is always in the booth and ready for us when we arrive”

    Wilshire Insurance / The Truck Show
  • “We appreciated the advice and guidance in identifying what would be needed for our first show”

    Hockey Tyme | Lets Play Hockey
  • “Thanks again! We are impressed with your company, which is why I am excited to have found you. Your prices are reasonable and that’s important - these shows are so dang expensive!”

    RC Power / SuperZoo
  • “The whole process was easy! The booth was up and ready when I arrived and looked great. Your display helped us merchandise beautifully and we had a great show!”

    Shoreline / Travel Goods
  • “Easiest thing I’ve done in a long time! Very accommodating staff.”

    HBC Adjusting Inc / Nat’l Assn of Catastrophe
  • “Convenience, attentive towards us. Available whenever we needed them. Our company never had such a great service that Vegas Display provided us.”

    Deerland Enzymes Corp. |Natural Products Exposition
  • “Fast, efficient, courteous staff and sales people. Vegas Display is a company we will partner with on every Las Vegas show.”

    Spro Corporation | Big Rock Sports Show
  • “Had no worries! Vegas Display handled delivery of exhibit, set up, and take down. I liked that they, personally stopped by our booth during the show.”

    Permapack, Inc |International Baking Industry Exposition
  • “Went out of their way to help us when we had a problem.”

    Geronova Research |Anti Aging Conference
  • “Very professional, timely delivery, great execution and easy to work with- well done!”

    Bird Brain, Inc | National Hardware Show
  • “Prompt, efficient and cost effective!”

    Corporate Occasions | Acute Long Term Hospital Assn.
  • “Vegas Displays was available whenever we needed them. Our company never had such great service!”

    Deerland Enzymes Corp. | National; Products Assn.
  • “Very responsive-always has everything up and waiting for us”

    FilterMAG | Specialty Equipment Market Assn.
  • “Vegas Display was super nice to work with and sell at a good value price”

    Forever Yours | Memory Trends Expo
  • “Went out of their way to come to the show and help!”

    Genova Research | Anti Aging Conference
  • “Trouble free! Everything was as requested.”

    Iskra AE, Inc, |Automative Aftermarket Products Expo
  • “Professional staff, and the booth looked great.”

    Master Wall, Inc |Assn. of the Wall & Ceiling Industry
  • “Always at-the-ready to walk us through uncharted territory. Tremendous help at set up and teardown with suggestions to make things go smoother!”

    North America Pharmacal, Inc |National Nutritional Foods Assn.
  • “First class operation and I will definitely refer others to rent from Vegas Display”

    Rite Angler | ICAST
  • “Great follow up and took time to ensure we had all of the information we needed to run a successful show”

    The Westmark Group |Las Vegas Assn. of Realtors

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