Rental Order Terms

Payment: We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Minimum Online Order: There is a $400 minimum orders.

Phone Orders: We do not accept phone orders. but feel free to call and to ask questions at 702.580.8907

Advanced Order Pricing: The prices on the web site are the prices if the order is placed at least 14 days prior to the delivery date.

Late Order Pricing: There is 20% late order fee for orders placed within 14 days of the delivery event delivery date.

No Tax: There is no sales tax.

Free Delivery: There is no delivery fee from our warehouse to the event loading dock unless an additional delivery trip is required.

Delivery Time: Typically, furniture is delivered on the afternoon on the last day of set up. The move-in schedule is controled by the GSC, and per union polocies.

Material Handling/Drayage is a service fee the general service contractors (Freeman, GES, etc.) charge to bring displays and other rental items from the loading dock to your booth space or event location. The fee is based on weight. Each show has a different material handling rates. When you place an order online, you receipt will calculate the estimated weight of your order.

The client must have a credit card on file with the general service contractor at least 7 days prior to the delivery date. Failure to have a credit card on file with the general service contractor may delay your items being delivered.

Order Cancelation: You can cancel items up to 14 days prior to the event delivery day in writing by emailing

Refunds: There are no refunds in whole or part for items cancelled within 14 days of the event move in date. This policy is in place becuase we have limited time and opoprunities to re-rent the items on such short notice.

Removal of Items: After delivery, If the Exhibitor request items to be removed from the booth a removal fee may apply and there is no refund or credit for that item.

Damages: Any rental items, while in your booth space, is your responsibility and you are responsible for any damages.


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